Octant Research & Analysis is an independent consultancy offering high-quality assessments of political, economic and integrity risk in the countries of the non-Baltic former Soviet Union.  The founder, Duncan Allan, has built almost four decades of expertise on the region, including more than 28 years as a member of the UK Foreign Office’s Research Analysts cadre. We enhance the information and analytical base on which clients take decisions that add value to their businesses.




  • Based on timely, accurate and comprehensive reviews of publicly available information
  • Enriched by access to less readily available sources
  • Underpinned by an international network of contacts


  • Informed by several decades of regional expertise
  • Drawing on years of practical experience of the countries of the former Soviet Union
  • Demonstrated by a long and proven record of sound judgement advising UK governments


  • Understanding clients’ interests, requirements and priorities
  • Delivering what clients need, when they need it
  • Enabling clients to add value to their operations.